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Portfolio Tracking
Great to see that expense coverage grow steadily! And with already over 25% it's probably just a matter of time before the dividends double and then double again on their own with those companies...  Smile
I have been focusing on the Health Care sector as of late with additions to my ABBV and CAH positions along with a new position in CVS.  Additionally, I have brought VZ up to a full position.

Passive income covers 26.2% of monthly expenses

Energy: 4% of total income: CVX, XOM

Materials: 6% of total income: DOW, AGU

Industrials: 13% of total income: GE, MMM, LMT, CMI, EMR, HON

Consumer Discretionary: 8% of total income: WMT, TGT

Consumer Staples: 14% of total income: MO, PG, PM, UL, DEO, GIS, ADM, FLO

Health Care: 15% of total income: JNJ, ABBV, CAH, CVS

Financials: 10% of total income: BNS, WFC, PRU, AFL, JPM, TD

Info Tech: 5% of total income: IBM, AAPL

Telecom: 10% of total income: T, VZ

Utilities: 3% of total income: MSEX, ED

REIT: 10% of total income: OHI, O

Muni Bonds: 3% of total income

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