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What Did You Buy Today?
Added CAT, ABBV, V, LLY and GGOG

Sold WM, ROST and IIPR
[quote pid='28496' dateline='1630673323']
[quote pid='28481' dateline='1630604268']
added 800 ABBV at $107 yesterday and today added MA, CI and PPG

HRL order got filled at $43.50

Sold out of OKTA, COUP and U in my trading account and added SHW, AZO and ALB

That's enough lol

Are you getting nervous about ABBV's patent expiration?

I would love to buy some OKTA on a dip.  We use it at work.
ABBV patent expirations while important, are baked in.  The market has known for a very long time without a miracle ABBV revs drop in 2023.  That is why the PE is low.  They do have a good pipeline and they will get through it.  ABBV would likely be 140 if the patents cliff wasn't coming. 

And Divemenow is going to swing trade a lot of those shares he picked up on the bad news dip the market will forget about soon enough.
Ouch did I pick the wrong time when I bought COF Capital One Financial.  I'm now down 8.44%.  The P/E ratio is down to 6.32 (!)

In yahoo conversations user travers says it best "how can you down grade a stock with PE of 7 and is crushing earnings unless you want to buy more at a lower price.imo good luck all"

If I had any free cash I'd buy more.
COF has more than doubled in under a year. Up about 200% since Covid dip. You'll probably get a chance to buy some at lower prices soon.
Added to HRL
Can a MOD please start a new thread and delete this one over the weekend? The quoting issue is beyond annoying. This thread would be so much easier to read without the clutter. I try to remember to edit it out when I post this thread, but it's somehow hooked to other posters as well.
New thread here:

I will now close this one.

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