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What Did You Buy Today?
(07-01-2020, 10:10 AM)kblake Wrote: MET or AFL?? They both look like decent buys at these levels.

BTW I'm liking the UPS and FDX moves today. Glad I bought them near the lows
MET is pretty close to a top 10 holding in my port.  Both MET and AFL are good long term holds IMO.  They need interest rate spreads to thrive so like a bank I see no near-term catalyst.  That didn't stop the price from spiking last month though.  Current prices are good enough for both but you might get a chance to add more shares cheaper.  They were insanely cheap in March.  AFL is an aristocrat of course, MET froze their dividend for several years during/after the GFC but I consider them both steady DIV stocks and the current yield for MET is very good.  If you aren't aware, MET has been the manager for the US GOV employee retirement plans since at least the mid-1990s.  That's a big and steady cash cow for them.  They have to remain stable so I suppose that hurts the chances of future div increases, though they did raise it slightly last quarter.  I may go nibble a few more shares now.  I like that big dividend check.  Smile
Added heavily into PFE. Its now in my top 10. This stock was way too cheap even without the covid news. Buying more and more defensive names moving forward.

I will add to TECH if it ever corrects more then 10% lol Wink
I added to PFE as well and bought some MET and LHX
Added to PFE.
Everyone please stop hyping PFE. I'm already overweight lol. I did sell a couple PFE puts at strike 32 on Monday. That is looking like easy quick money. Don't forget to start trimming some PFE around 40 if you get in deep. It's been tormenting me for decades while I dream it might run to $50. Someday it will so I'll always keep some shares.

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