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What Did You Buy Today?
(10-08-2019, 01:56 PM)divmenow Wrote: Added 40 CVS and 25 LMT shares

I put in how many shares I bought. Maybe more will do that lol.

This way I know if your buying 1 share, 5 shares, 25, 50 or 100 shares Wink

My strategy is to own company going forward who have little to no exposure to China and pay a yield at over 2.5%

Not sure how I feel about that.  I'm nearing retirement and I suspect my port size is well above average.  Most of my purchases are 100 shares because I sell puts weekly.  You can tell what we are throwing down on the Conservative option thread because a position is 100 shares minimum.  I would never want anyone to think I am bragging because that's not why I am here.  If somebody starting out has a $10K port, and they buy a single share of AMZN, that requires one helluva lot more commitment than my much larger AMZN position.  I'd like to know why they feel so confident. 

I think we should encourage posts like this (some already do it)  ....

-Picked up some DIS today, now a full position. 
-Grabbed some LMT, I'm a bit overweight now but I really believe in this one.
-Added some JNJ, I'm building a core position I'll never sell.
-AMD is way oversold.  Grabbed some and this is just a trade.
-Started a tiny position in HD, looks a little pricey and I'll add more on a dip.
-Mortgaged my house today and bought some more of this falling knife I just can't lay off of  Smile

I agree a laundry list of today's purchases means about zero without some context.  I'll start complying with the above now.  

Sold a new put in ADM and D today.  I'll keep doing it until I finally get exercised and add to my small positions.  I desire a half position in both of these high div stocks.
GILD looking cheap here. Yield over 4% now. Anyone adding?
Added 40 ABBV, 100 FUN and a few LOW shares

ABBV now my 2nd largest holding
Added to NUE this morning. 0.26% of total dividend income stream.
Added TCO and OMC

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