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What Did You Buy Today?
I decided to join the party as well lol. Bought some JNJ, NEM and CVX
(4 hours ago)fenders53 Wrote: It was my largest holding for 20 years.  I lightened up when it was in the high 140s.  I've sold a lot of puts and covered calls the past year and it has worked out very well.  As long as you don't make a long-term bet against JNJ it's been hard to lose.  I think fall may be a rough ride though.  Attorneys, politicians and the media will keep a lid on the SP for some time IMO.

I will happily add more to my holdings if the yield jumps over 3%
Also, added to UPS and WBA this morning.
(3 hours ago)Otter Wrote: Also, added to UPS and WBA this morning.

I think UPS is a great buy. Amazon is going to need them even more now with next day ship.

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