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What Did You Buy Today?
started a small position on BMY.
Picked up 17 shares of ABBV. This is an initial position. Wish I would have bought yesterday instead of today.
(10 hours ago)divmenow Wrote: I sold out of a lot of names today. Wont list which ones but I decided to just own 25 names going forward and keep adding to those names on dips.  I did well but just too much to keep watch on lol

So I narrowed my long term holdings down to 25 names - MCD, HD, MRK. CCI, MA, V, MSFT, DIS, JNJ, UNH, STAG, NEE, D, HON, ABT, COST, SBUX, AAPL, AMGN, CVX, PEP, NOC, LMT ABBV and WM.

I still own some trading stocks as well in a different portfolio. Some Gold, Bios and Canabis names. But non of these are names I consider core holdings.

This was hard to do but I have been thinking about doing this for some time. Back in Late April I went 30% cash and have since used some of that on ETF's and other investments. With today's sells I'm now back at 32% cash and will use that to add to current holdings or if a good dividend name get sold of and is too cheap to pass up.

What about STAG makes it one of your core holdings? Just curious as the number don't seem to do it for me on that one.

(8 hours ago)catnap88 Wrote: started a small position on BMY.

Nice timing.  I was months early with a fairly large position and never thought it would go much under $50.

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