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What Did You Buy Today?
(Yesterday, 09:08 AM)divmenow Wrote: SBUX has no growth. 1% sales growth isn't going to cut it. Dividend means nothing if they stock keeps going down. The new CEO has now warned 3 straight quarters. Business is slowing and I have noticed stores in my area have been dead. No one is going to pay $5 for a Mocha Frappuccino any longer There's to much competition in this space. Stock still trades at a forward PE of 18.5. This stock will be in the mid $40's. Your safer just buying T

SBUX, Howard Schultz = GE, Jack Welch Greatness.
SBUX,Kevin Johnson = GE,Jeff Immelt. Disaster.

Differing opinions are what makes a market. Thanks for sharing your counter-point.
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Anytime Eric lol. In a year from now we can revisit to see if SBUX is at $60 or $40 Wink

Good Luck

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