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What Did You Buy Today?
Congratulations to both stockguru and vbin for the RTN buy.
RTN has been a darling of mine for years already, they have done pretty much everything right though I am very skeptical of this current merger. And the market seems to be too as it has come down a lot since the announcement, I can't blame people for selling though as I'll most likely sell 50% of my position if the deal goes through.

If the deal somehow does not pass, then this is definitely a great time to buy.
Added to RTN and PEP this morning and took a new position in BAH. Anyone own BAH. I did a lot of research on this stock and really loved it. This is a little unknown company that has consistently raised its dividend.
Adding positions to the mega back door Roth. EMN and BMY.
Added Baidu Smile
Added to ABBV and MO today. Took a new position in LDOS. I always wanted to own the name and have been watching for months. I see no reason why it should hit a $100 over the nexy year or so.
Added to PM today
Returned from vacation and hit the buy button to add more TD.
Added to MSFT and took and bought some NOC for the first time.
Added CVS
I would like to get your thoughts on TPR which is the old Coach. The stock
looks very cheap here. Yield at over 4% and pe 12. I get it has lots
of headwinds with tariffs and China. But looks like a bargain here.

Tapestry has a price to book ratio of 2.5 compared with that of industry’s 3.4 indicates that the stock has enough upside potential. It also looks attractive with respect to a forward price-to-earnings multiple of 10.6x versus industry’s 13.8x. Over the last five years, the stock has traded as high as 22X and as low as 10.03X, with the median being at 17.04X.


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