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What Did You Buy Today?
(03-03-2018, 07:30 PM)RyanCMason Wrote: Been looking at stocks I've owned for awhile and are down considerably.  Planning on adding to these positions in the upcoming weeks. Wanted to know what your opinions are?  

Dominion Energy 
Duke Energy
Hershey - 
Kimberly Clark 
Procter and Gamble
Southern Company
Exxon Mobil - 

I've noticed most of these companies are utilities or consumer staples that have been getting hit the hardest.

Bought some CAH a few weeks back at 65 and now have sold 65 puts.5 year POC is 81

Sold 80 puts in PG, right at 5 year POC

Bought some D @ 75. 5YR POC is down around 69, I was afraid to miss the opportunity.

Others around value are OMC, O, IBM, EAT, BEN and MO

Good luck to all.
I'm also looking at PEP, HRL, APD, and I plan to add some WPC shortly. Last year there was the retail death, this year seems to be a REIT death panic.
And I did add some WPC, it is currently my largest holding.
I bought a few shares of XOM down here at a new low. Any of you guys like it here as well?
I think XOM is a good buy at these levels.
(03-07-2018, 12:49 PM)ChadR Wrote: I think XOM is a good buy at these levels.

I agree. Like CVX and OXY as well.
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What's up with THO? I know a few of you own the name. Was just wondering what your thoughts were here at these levels. Thanks

Great buy on XOM
I bought 15 shares on TJX. Love the stores lol. Someone mentioned that name earlier here and I decided its corrected a bit off the highs to purchase.

I don't know THO. Is it a good one to own at these levels? What about MA or AXP? I'm always spending money so Wink
I own THO and think it is a really well-run company. I believe it is now the biggest RV maker in the United States.

A great grower, but in a cyclical business. It was hit hard during the last recession.

A good overview article was posted on it yesterday by DoctoRx on Seeking Alpha.

Really like MA and V for long-term holds (I own both). AXP is fine as well, but it hasn't grown nearly as fast as the other two.
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Also on: Facebook - Twitter - Seeking Alpha
You cant go wrong with V, MA or AXP Long term. I recommend buying a little at a time since these stocks are near new highs.

BTW does anyone see any good buy in this market right now other them Utilities lol

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