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What Did You Buy Today?
Anyone interested in Realty Income (O) at these levels?
I decided to gamble a little. Bought Royal Dutch Shell today.

A smarter move may have been to wait until tomorrow when they release their q4 results. But I was bored so I figured that I might as well gamble. :p I have no idea where the stock will move tomorrow but I do have a feeling that it's a good buy for the long term, in the end I'll probably hold these for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years so it really doesn't make a big difference if I buy at 28, 29 or 30 euros.

And that's actually my February investment money gone though I might be able to squeeze in a buy or two next month with dividend and/or options income.
I like O at these levels. Over 5% dividend. Once I move some money to my IRA, I will be purchasing it. Just hope it doesn't shoot up in the next couple of days.
With a decent overall market correction underway, I'm trying to help a friend form a DGI portfolio. 56 years old, 9 years projected retirement date.

Trying to pull the best from as many sectors as possible, the stocks left standing thus far are:


Utilities- AWK (only name w/o positive Tweed)


Consumer goods- HD


Equal weighting starting yield 2.8%

All very good Chowder and Tweed numbers with DG averaging 15%

Thoughts, comments or additions for the remaining sectors are welcome.

I would be very careful to call a 1% decline from all time highs a "decent overall market correction". We are literally at the same spot as we were 11 days ago. Big Grin

Are the amounts so small that 1 name per sector is all you want?
I'd also add an industrial somewhere in there. HON is my personal choice but we all have our own favourites from the bigger names.
All those are nice companies but non of them have corrected enough where I put new money in to them.

To me CSCO is the best buy as its still undervalued and has held up very well even in big down days.

I too like HON and have been adding over the last few days.

ABBV and HD I like as well and in 6 years will be a lot higher then they are now.

But like I said you may want to take a look at some of the names that have corrected over the last few weeks.

Buy CVX, HON and D. Those would be 3 names I would buy today! All raised their dividend and are trading at a discount to the market.
PG at a 52-week low.
I added to CVX and MSFT today!
Realty Income (O) is now yielding 5.15%. I'm considering it for my daughter's ESA next week.
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(02-02-2018, 11:03 AM)EricL Wrote: Realty Income (O) is now yielding 5.15%. I'm considering it for my daughter's ESA next week.

I've been culling some junk from my portfolio (finally!), and have been considering using some of the proceeds to buy some O.

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