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cannot post links
I'm attempting to post a couple of links in the thread in which I introduced myself, but am unable to. Neither using hyperlinks nor copying/pasting the URLs work, as it gives me an error message no matter what I do.
Image insert funked too
Hey Guys -- I'll look into these problems as soon as I can, but it may not be before I get home from work tonight. In the meantime, can you please describe the error in more detail, including what the error message says (if any)?

Works in Linux + Chrome this morning. Was not working on OS X + Chrome earlier. No error occurred, just nothing popped up previously.
Still doesn't work for me in either Firefox or Chrome. It says "Forbidden", and that I don't have permission to access editpost.php. And it mentions a 404 error.
ok, doing a little testing here.


Did that work?
Link seemed to work fine for me. Can people click that "Yahoo" link and confirm that it works? Can others please try to post a link or two in this thread to see if it is a general problem, or perhaps it is specific to Joey B?

Joey B -- can you please let me know exactly what steps you are taking to post your links?

Also, and I know this may sound crazy, but by any chance are you including the word c-a-s-i-n-o anywhere in your post?

Here's how I post links, which seems to be working for me:

1. Use the "New Reply" window -- you cannot use the "Quick Reply" box at the bottom of the thread page if you want to add links.
2. Write the full text of your post without any links or url information.
3. Once you've written the post, highlight the words that you want to appear as linked text, like the word "Yahoo!" in my test post above.
4. With the appropriate text highlighted, click on the "insert hyperlink" button above the text box (it is the one that looks like a little globe with a chain below it). A dialog box will pop up, where you paste the URL of the link you want to use.
5. After you paste your link in the box and click "OK," the URL should be automatically inserted into the text of your post all html-ish-ly.
6. Then you should be able to post your reply and the text should be highlighted properly as an active link to the site you indicated.

If this is the approach you are using and it is not working, we'll have to go back to the drawing board. Thanks for your patience!

I'll turn to Rapid's image posting issue next!
Testing image posting now!


Today's bloodbath!
Ok, image posting seemed to work fine for me as well.

I did it using the instructions (second method) described in this thread.

Can someone else try that here in this thread to narrow down whether it is a general issue?


Thanks for the help, Kerim! Sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner.

Yeah, my post did involve the dreaded c-word (not, not THAT c-word). I had no idea that that would have even been an issue. Your links work perfectly fine and it looks like mine are, too.

Thanks for everything!

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