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2020 Perfect Portfolio Competition
LOL. Looks like we swapped from last year and will be trying to figure out who lost the least.
-17% for me.
I'm afraid to look since I took XOM again.
(03-06-2020, 05:29 PM)divmenow Wrote: Who's in the lead here lol
My first thought would be "I bet nobody has more than one stock that is up?".  Put me down for the big El Zilcho lol.  If I get a chance this weekend I'll enter them.  I'm  gonna guess I am down at least 15%, and I like Guru's chances for the year.  I should just invest my entire port in her five picks and save myself 200 posts in the "What do you buy today thread"  Smile

We talked about doing a short pick last year. Let's remember to do that for 2021. Shorting a stock for an entire year could really mess up your performance if you get it wrong.
I'm at 11.05% return through FEB 29th.

Oops, forgot the negative sign lol. I'm afraid to look at my real port. Probably about the same actually but I had the benefit of having a lot of cash to partially save me from myself. Smile
I'll keep editing this post as I calculate them...

NilesMike  -17%
fenders     -11.05
Otter        -13.10
Chad        -9.46
MikeWA   -9.63
Divmenow   -5.99
kblake   -12.46
rayray  -9.49
Eric:   -10.30
Stockguru   -8.11
Binary-   -17.10

Divemenow is in the lead at -6%  I am going to say anyone in single digits is not doing too bad compared to the market.  Five of us are in the running for a participation trophy and a margin call lol.  The rest of us have work to do but it's early. Most of us have at least one falling knife. Some of you better hope Saudi Arabia gets bombed around DEC 15th.  Hey it could happen lol.  Smile     

If anyone else is still paying attention speak up and I'll calculate your port.  Otherwise I'll just do them later in the year.
Oh wow, didn't realize I was doing "fairly" well. Since one of my four was XOM, figured I would be in last place.
(03-08-2020, 07:26 PM)ChadR Wrote: Oh wow, didn't realize I was doing "fairly" well.  Since one of my four was XOM, figured I would be in last place.

Chad, these numbers are so February 29th.  You're in trouble tomorrow lol.  Just let us know if you need us to send Lockheed or Raytheon over to re-arrange a middle eastern oil facility.  I shouldn't say things like that.  Besides, if they try to starve out Russia, Putin we'll take care of it.Smile

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