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What stocks do you think are BUYS right now?
(05-02-2017, 05:53 PM)DividendGarden Wrote: Watching K and GIS, both of which I've owned for years. I know the business hasn't been good these past couple of years, but they are at 52-week lows, and really look terrible...usually a good time to buy quality companies. I just don't know if these are still quality companies.

They are quality companies as long as people want to eat.
What's up with DIS? $116 down to $110 in a day?
Might be time to bring this thread back to life.

The major telecoms have been sliding down these past couple of days, my guess is that people are selling them because they expect that the FED will announce 4 rate hikes this year. Might be a good opportunity to make some buys for a long term portfolio. (even if there is the possibility that they will be a bit cheaper in the coming days)
Yeah, telecoms has taken a hit. Woukd like to buy Telus or A&T someday but watching UPS, WBA, DIS and CLX at the moment.
DIS below $100 today...

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