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Shopping List
(09-24-2017, 11:22 AM)divmenow Wrote: PEP is also on my shopping list but I wont be pulling the trigger to it gets under $110. People are now drinking less soda. I have not had a soda in over 8 years lol. Their snack business is what will drive growth going forward. They are getting much more healthier now. But you cant go wrong long term at its current levels.

I also have PM, KHC, IBM, HRL, NUE and on my watch list. I could probably buy all 5 and do very well over the next 3-5 years. But will most likely buy PEP, PM and IBM.
When will IBM bounce back?

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How about Disney at these levels? Still too expensive?
Disney has too many issues and ESPN will continue to weigh on this company unless they some how decide to spin it off. Me personally will never buy this company again lol. The stock had 2 upgrades this week and it still couldn't move it lol. I just dont see any good news that will move this stock. $90 could happen before $110.

Maybe check out NKE or SBUX. These are 2 companies left for dead and a great millennial play that no ones ever talks about.

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