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Shopping List - Kerim - 09-24-2015

I missed the lows of today, but was not really planning to buy today anyway. I don't have a ton of dry powder at the moment, which is difficult. Hard to know whether to spend it on today's deals or hold off so as to be able to pounce on even better deals -- if they materialize -- in coming days.

At any rate, here are the names I'd be scrutinizing if I were buying today:


What names are on your short list at today's prices?

RE: Shopping List - Dividendsrule - 09-24-2015

Kerim, nice list so far. I like everything you posted, for me all of the above...All the regulars for me, PG, KMI, CVX, KO, I would think present company would be pretty familiar with the dividend growth stock family.
Hey, are you concerned about the upcoming spin-off with EMR? I am concerned about it, I own some, but I don't know if I'd buy more until the spin off happened.


Do you have any color on this? Are you very confident that you are buying quality by picking some up now? If you are 100% confident I might change my mind.

The Canadian banks for my IRA, TD and RY etc, GSK, some GILD, BEP, OKE, AMP TROW BEN, ETN....

That kind of thing would be on my list too.

RE: Shopping List - Dividend Watcher - 09-25-2015

Nice lists. PH is finally under $100! Now that it's finally breaking down and considering it's an industrial, I'd look closer when it got to the low $90s.

Sold Baxalta in both my and my wife's accounts as I couldn't hold my breath any longer and the dividend is way too low to sit and wait so I've been back filling.

I took another nibble at EMR & HP recently. Have a limit order on ETN that is real close. The yields on all of them are near the top of their ranges so I'll just let the dividends do the rest of the work.

Utes and Yellen aren't cooperating so have stink bid limit orders in on ES and XEL.

Added some COP & BMO to the wife's portfolio with some of the cash.

If JNJ gets below the mid-80s (yeah, right), I'd trim something in my port to buy a chunk.

We're pretty close to fully invested but would be interested in GILD below $95, CSX below $25, PG in the low $60s and WPC around $55.

I just re-read the last 2 quarterly reports, the rig report and last conference call transcript for ESV. Don't think the dividend is at any further risk (for now) and will probably add a small chunk to wife's portfolio around $14.

RE: Shopping List - Kerim - 09-25-2015

(09-25-2015, 01:12 AM)Dividend Watcher Wrote: stink bid limit orders


RE: Shopping List - Dividend Watcher - 09-25-2015

(09-25-2015, 07:19 AM)Kerim Wrote:
(09-25-2015, 01:12 AM)Dividend Watcher Wrote: stink bid limit orders


Limit orders that are at such low levels that I doubt they'll get filled without a "flash crash" or a big jump in interest rates. In this case, at a trailing P/E of about 12.5 and yield in the low 4% range. That's how I picked up JNJ at $85 a few weeks ago in the wife's portfolio.

In other words, I want to add to both but at bargain prices. If something compelling comes up in the meantime, I'll spend the money elsewhere and cancel the order.

ETA: Just read this on SA. I often do that when cash is sitting around and I'm unsure of the market or which ones to pick. It'll be spent soon enough.

RE: Shopping List - Caversham - 09-26-2015

I'm interested in adding more XOM, but my portfolio is currently significantly overweight energy. I'd consider adding more at 67-68.

I'm also interested in AMGN and CMI and will probably purchase shares for these on Monday.

RE: Shopping List - Caversham - 09-28-2015

Maybe I should start researching some of the MLPs after today's bloodbath. Some are off 8-10%.

RE: Shopping List - benjamen - 09-28-2015

I have been quiet in the DGI world as of late. I have quite the shopping list building.

RE: Shopping List - Rasec - 09-28-2015

ohh boy, the market is taking another beating today

[Image: 7MiirlZ.png]

But funny enough no sales for MMM, JNJ, MO, KO, etc...

Seeing Amazon dropping 5% makes me dizzy...

RE: Shopping List - kayboy - 09-28-2015

(09-28-2015, 01:55 PM)Rasec Wrote: ohh boy, the market is taking another beating today

[Image: 7MiirlZ.png]

But funny enough no sales for MMM, JNJ, MO, KO, etc...

Seeing Amazon dropping 5% makes me dizzy...

...and INTC is in the green. I remember when INTC "missed mobile and was "dead money". My brokerage account sees it WAAAYY differently. Still holding my dead money.