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ATT and VZ are both yielding above 5%

I'm tempted.
I really wish NKE was cheaper. They seem like a set it & forget it type. Does anyone here own it?

Also wish BLL had more consistent dividend increases.

(09-28-2015, 01:55 PM)Rasec Wrote: ohh boy, the market is taking another beating today

[Image: 7MiirlZ.png]

But funny enough no sales for MMM, JNJ, MO, KO, etc...

Seeing Amazon dropping 5% makes me dizzy...

Where did you find this nifty chart? Pray tell! Smile
Yeah it's on the homepage. A nice little overview of the sectors.
(10-15-2015, 02:37 PM)Dividendsrule Wrote: Yeah it's on the homepage. A nice little overview of the sectors.

Thanks!!!!! Yes, the sector overview is nice.
It's an amazing tool! I love it.

Because I'm in PST and I wake up at 6 (9am EST, before NYSE opens) I always check Asia and Europe markets and it almost always reflects what will happen in the SP500 for the day, at least for the morning period.

Like today, Asia and Europe are on the green, guess what happened with the SP500:

[Image: PyEBqzl.png]

[Image: WzsQt2v.png]
By the way, I was hunting around regarding EMR and it seems they will be keeping the dividend constant even after their spin-off. That makes me happier about buying more. I thought I'd share that. A commenter on seeking alpha got that impression from EMR investor relations.
That's a good piece of information about the EMR dividend. It's on my short list for my next purchase.
It's still a little odd with the huge spin off next year with the business that the CEO says he doesn't want on his tombstone. Nonetheless, excellent company, excellent record, diverse revenues, and it seems dividend safety as well. I'll try and double check about the dividend when I can...
I have one more EMR purchase to do for a full position and I'm seriously considering WMT, especially if the yeild can break 3.5%. VFC is now officially on my watch list but I would like to see it get beaten down some more.

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