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What Did You Buy Today?
AAPL, BRK.B, KO, KRFT. Bought in my Loyal3 account.
Used this morning's dip to open a position in AbbVie (ABBV) at $57.60.
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(03-04-2015, 05:11 PM)rapidacid Wrote:
(03-04-2015, 01:00 PM)Main Street Stock Investor Wrote: rapidacid,

Enjoy monitoring your posts. I see several analysts opinions are a "buy" for ROK. Is this a stock you hold long term? Do you write options on your holdings? What made you pull the trigger today?

Any purchase I post here is intended to be held long term -> forever.

I will sometimes write covered calls on my individual equities, but one of the pillars of covered call writing is to be prepared to have the position to get called away, which flies in the face of my long term intentions. I write very few CCs these days save for some on KO, T, CLX, PG, KMB and other low beta names.

About 50% of the holdings in my portfolio are at full weight. The purchases I've posted here in the last few weeks / months have been holdings ( or initiations ) that I am working on bringing up to full weight.

I bought ROK today because it is in the bottom half of my holdings, but ranks as my 9th best idea according to my criteria.

[Image: KrlQzZ8.png]

Thanks for the info. We operate in a similar fashion. I am long term DGI investor with a twist. I use options and light trading to juice returns. I hold approx 100 Dividend Achiever and Dividend Aristocrats in 3 portfolios, and once I select a name I usually hold the stock for extended periods. But, I do look for chances to upgrade the quality of my portfolio's, so I'm always on the lookout for a premium long term hold. I will do some research on ROK. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

+39% more STX
XOM at $86.23? Yes, please.
+35% more UTX
Added to ITC again. Couldn't ignore a 5% drop.
Added to my position in BBL.
Am considering a direct investment option with SE.
Added some AT&T from the 1.5% dip resulting from the news related to Dow Jones IA.
I was planning on adding AT&T anyway and seeing as them getting replaced in the index does absolutely nothing to their business model or their profit, I think this was good time to profit from the dip and press the buy button.
+20% more BP
(03-10-2015, 10:39 AM)rapidacid Wrote: +20% more BP

Really like BP'S price, just worried if they can hold that dividend if these prices stay down.
What say you..
EPD at 32.05.

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