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What Did You Buy Today?
Added to JNJ just under $133 today. I buy every time on big down days like this. Also bought LLY in my sons account.

Also I do like T even at these levels. Something tells me it will outperform VZ next year. I just have that felling. Better things are coming. I have been very negative on the stock until about a month ago. And I'm happy to sit here and collect the 6% yield while I wait for things to approve. Entertainment is where the growth will be going forward and WarnerMedia is going to be a big money maker for them such shows as Dune, Batwomen and Katy Keen not to mention the deal they struck with Netflix.. Just because it was at $29 doesn't mean its not a good buy today. Its not like your chasing it here compared to 90% of the SP 500 stocks that are currently over valued lol
I definitely agree about the execution. That is something that has been wrong with T for a long time, they are stuck at getting things done up to "close enough" but can't seem to get it done right. I'm hoping firstnet and integration of TW will prove me wrong.

Personally not worried too much about the debt. They are paying it off (and being maybe a bit too aggressive. I don't like the idea of selling real estate and renting it back) and it'll be within manageable levels soon enough.

I wouldn't rate T as one of my favourite stocks either. But I can't help but smile when that dividend hits my account.

edit: Ohh and a good buy with JNJ. I saw the -4% this morning and thought that I might have to dig in my pocket over the weekend.
Finished building out my initial position in TD this morning. Took some leftover dividends and added a share of SKT in Robinhood commission-free. LOL.
Added to CFR for the first time in a long time this morning. Had been overvalued for a long time. Seems a hair undervalued now, but I always find it difficult to pull the buy trigger on a holding that is still way above my initial purchase price (original CFR purchase was around $60 in 2016 when the shale oil market went bust and regional banks making loans to oilfield services companies took a hit).

26 years of dividend increases, 3.1% yield, 5.4% 5yr DGR, 40% payout ratio, A- credit rating, and 10yr earnings growth rate of 7.4% made the choice for me, though.
Added to DIS and HON
Started a position in IP. PE, DIV and DIV safety look attractive. Sold an AUG covered call against the shares for a bit pd downside safety but I do intend to hold it longterm. Doubt it's bottomed yet.
Added a little more JNJ this morning.
(07-19-2019, 08:56 AM)divmenow Wrote: Added a little more JNJ this morning.

So did I.  Also sold a put at 130 and 135 lately.  It looks good enough down here for the long haul.
I like all the activity on JNJ. I would buy more but it is already my largest holding. Added some FIBK and CLX this morning.
It was my largest holding for 20 years. I lightened up when it was in the high 140s. I've sold a lot of puts and covered calls the past year and it has worked out very well. As long as you don't make a long-term bet against JNJ it's been hard to lose. I think fall may be a rough ride though. Attorneys, politicians and the media will keep a lid on the SP for some time IMO.

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