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One stock each sector
If you guys were to pick just 1 stock each sector( whatever sector you want in your portfolio) and invest on it heavily. what would that be?

I would appriciate if folks can share their thoughts.
Disclaimer, I would not go heavy in much anything today. Most of my favorites are in free fall like everything else. Most of these are suitable to average into soon though. The dividends are crazy good on some now. Some of them have the potential to drop a lot if things get worse like CAT, MMM. Tech

Basic Materials- DOW
Finance-MET or PRU, I don't like the banks yet.
CONS Discretionary-AAPL at the right price and it's coming most likely.
CONS Staples-PEP, none are truly discounted
Retail- AMZN-TGT
Telecom- T looks good just a little cheaper
UTEs- NEE on a dip, AEP-D-XEL, I like some smaller utes too.
Industrial-CAT or the defense stocks, fave is LMT (I like most of the major def stocks down here.
REITs-WELL, and I don't follow many
Transports-UPS, DAL when it finishes crashing and there is some visibility
Energy-The majors when they bottom, you know my opinion on this subject.

I like some of the restaurants but who knows where they bottom. I own too much CBRL now. I'll buy more eventually. Some of the entertainment stocks getting closer like DIS.
Consumer Discretionary - AAPL or DIS
Consumer Staples - COST or PG
Energy - ENB
Financials - GS or JPM
Healthcare - ABT or JNJ
Industrials - EMR or LMT
Materials - AMCR or SON
Telecom - T or VZ
Utes - BEP or ED

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