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Tips for surviving a correction
(03-12-2020, 12:56 PM)fenders53 Wrote:
(03-12-2020, 12:36 PM)divmenow Wrote: added to MO, ABBV, UPS, GD. Some 50 shares and some as little as 10 shares lol

If you own FUN it sure hasn't been FUN LOL. If it goes under $20 I may actually buy it. I sold it earlier this year at $58

Write 100 of the best stock names on a piece of paper and place them in a hat. Then pick out 5. Those are the ones you buy lol. Mine as well

BTW It says I'm a 'Posting Freak" Love the title and 5 stars haha

Git you some FUN lol.  I got a smoking deal on some shares today, and yesterday, and a couple times last week lol.  I am near a full position and trying to go too crazy.  (it used to be a full position anyway).  The far price drop is incredible.  I'm not suggesting  anyone should take Gramma there for Memorial Day, but Cedar Fair will be OK.  They could cut the DIV by 2/3rds and it would still be a deal right now IMO.  It won't stay down here until the all clear is common knowledge.

(03-13-2020, 10:17 AM)Kerim Wrote:
(03-13-2020, 10:07 AM)divmenow Wrote:
(03-13-2020, 10:02 AM)fenders53 Wrote:
(03-13-2020, 05:37 AM)divmenow Wrote: At least a bit of good news...

New virus cases in China have slowed to single digits, and all 42 Apple AAPL stores there have reopened.

That is good news, and all things being equal it probably puts an approximate time range on what we will deal with here.
Agree. You would hope no more than 90 days. But you can’t put a time on it. No one can predict that lol. But what I do know with all the sport’s being canceled and flights that going to put us in a lot trouble going forward. I just read Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus. That’s not good either. 

Yeah, except we seem to be bungling the national response here terribly so far, which could mean we're hit harder and longer...

That and the fact we live in a free society rather than a communist controlled one. China locked down 300 million people, barricading roads, forcing businesses to close, and outlawing people from leaving their houses.

We've cancelled a few sporting and conference events and asked people to wash their hands more often...
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It was VERY disappointing to hear that test kits and setting up some emergency treatment sites was not a priority, but we have a trillion dollars of liquidity in a vain attempt to keep the stock market from crashing. Martial law isn't happening until the virus deaths exceed the number of gun violence deaths in a few of our major cities. It will have to get bad before we make a big move.

But this is an investment site, and I've always made my best purchases when I'm uncomfortable and other investors are scared. I'll be prudent, but stick to the plan.
This whole episode is messing with my head. After 35 years I thought I had seen it all. I've tried to keep my cool but this has been rough. I've always tried to be the calming voice with whomever I interact with, in person or even on the net. I've seen panic cause way too many people to cash out and never return to the market. This is a market timer's market and that's not something I am consistently good at. I am now bigtime invested in a lot of companies that are WAY off their high. I am "beating" the market, but still down big on some high quality companies. It seems like many other here are making money the past few months. I just have to hope it works out but I'm not optimistic currently. I guess mostly retiring at age 53 wasn't such a great idea. Too much time on my hands to worry about things. Smile

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