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Trade war
So, I was wondering how bad do you think some of the trade war will negatively effect ocean shipping companies like say TRTN?
Depending on how long the trade war lasts. Most have long term lease contracts so any short term trade war wouldn't have much effect. I've stayed away from the shipping companies after getting burned by NAT a few years ago so I'm not that up to date on any contracts that the shipping companies would have.
I personally feel ocean shipping will be effected if importer/exporters decide to slow down production based on new tariffs. at the end of the day, freight shipping will continue and ocean being the cheaper method vs air.
I am anticipating short term pain for many companies doing international business if this escalates, and it sure sounds like it may soon.  I don't see how shippers would not feel it some.  It wouldn't panic me out of any good stock though.  I think the market will forgive a bad quarter as long as it is clearly related to tariffs.  Provided the tariffs are fairly brief.

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