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Hello from the new guy

Just got my account activated, and were encouraged to make an introduction post. 

Early 30s scandinavian viking new to the investment-world. Prefer the US and CAD stocks due to their monthly/quarterly dividend payments, so thought this forum would be a great place to hang out. 

Started investing this summer, so I'm just getting started on my dividend journey. Will soon post a thread in the "my portfolio" category hoping to get some feedback and learn along the way.

Edit: My portfolio thread posted:
Welcome to the board jdiv!
My website: DGI For The DIY
Also on: Facebook - Twitter - Seeking Alpha
Thank you Sir!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome Jdiv!
Welcome, once again it's nice to have some more European blood here too. :p
Since you are from Scandinavia, have you taken a look at the Swedish market? Some interesting names there, I'm keeping my eyes on ABLOY and Swedish Match but haven't bought either yet.
Hi there!

I bought Swedish Match in the start of july actually, but got cold feet after a dip in the end of the month and sold them off in the start of august. Looking at the chart now, it seem that was a bad call and that I should have been more patient. Lesson learned Smile

As for other Swedish stocks, I've been looking at Hemfosa Fastigheter ( and was planning to buy it this december, but they recently announced that they're going to split the company in to two different units, so I decided to wait and see how that goes before re-evaluating next year.
welcome viking!

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