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Hi there

I made a small application to help me manage my portfolio which is DG oriented. I know there are a lot of apps,sites and sheets that do this but I never found one that really did the job for me (I know it's individual) so I decided to develop one of my own and wanted to share it with you. It is free ofcourse and the only "catch" is that I will be more than happy to get comments and feedback from you. I'm a beginner in DG investing so I hope this app catches the essence of it and if not, there is always a place for improvements.

Main features:
* Account summary
* Income/dividend projection
* Importing Dave Fish's screener file
* Adding NYSE/Nasdaq stocks/ETF manually
* Portfolio includes:
- Stocks
- Dividends history per stock
- Invested stocks/money pie chart
- Dividends income per month for the last 12 months
* Automatic/Manual dividends announcements
* Automatic/Manual update of last close price
* Automatic/Manual backup of your portfolio
* Flexible conditional formatting
* Quick calculator for stocks purchase based on the amount you have
* Watch list based on Dave Fish's screener file and/or manually added stocks/ETF's
* Flexible filtering on the watch list including saving it for later use
* Quick search for symbol/company
* Dividends payment matrix per company/month for current year
* Payments and ex dividends calendar
* Direct access to financial information per stock
* Use'em/Lose'em: Check which is better, selling your stock or keeping it, based on dividend projection, taxes and commissions.

- The information is taken from the internet so it might take time, you will have a progressbar to know what's going on

- Notice that you need to set your commissions as first step

- Double click a stock in watch list to add/edit a stock (price/shares)

- At the moment, the application is only in English. If requested, I will add translation support to other languages

- At the moment it is only possible to work with NYSE/Nasdaq stocks/ETFs

- The application is portable and will create its required files in the same folder where you run the executable so put it where you have access rights to create new files

- Error reporting is as easy as entering your email (so I can contact you) and clicking OK, when the error popup appears (hopefully it won't Smile)

- I will not use your email to anything other than replying to your error reporting

- Any comments/questions are welcome, feel free to nag me. It's currently in beta so please expect changes and fixes.

- Download link:

- Virustotal link:

- Screenshot:
[Image: Stock_Div.png]

If this post is against the rules of this community please remove this post and let me know. Thanks.
This looks great. Anyone tried it already? I'm quite busy now but I'll give it a try later on!
(08-28-2015, 05:48 AM)Amos Wrote: If this post is against the rules of this community please remove this post and let me know. Thanks.

No objection to the post, but moving the thread to the "resources" section.

Looking forward to checking it out myself!
Thank you very much.
I updated the screenshot to reflect dividends income projection in the account summary.
Is this for Android?
(08-29-2015, 12:58 PM)earthtodan Wrote: Is this for Android?

Nope, for Windows. For now.
I know mobile is cooler but consider it safer as you don't need to subscribe, give any of your info nor your data is stored somewhere on the internet.
A new version is out:
09/02/2015 0.9.1:
* Added total payments per stock in dividend payment matrix
* Dividend frequency can be edited in watch list as well as in portfolio
* Update dividend frequency, if available, when adding a stock manually
* Added P/L and summary for P/l to Account -> Portfolio -> Your Stocks
* Added feedback
* When adding a stock manually, its latest dividend information is also updated
* Payments matrix was moved to Account -> Portfolio -> Payments Matrix
* Dividends tab was renamed to Calendar and will show ex-divs+payments in Calendar view
* If Dividend pay date has passed in Account -> Portfolio -> Your Stocks, the date will be faded
* If in trading hourse, the clock will say the time left til the end of the trading time.
* Quick calculator is updated automatic on values changes
* Update dividend frequency (I update this info every time Dave Fish updates his file
* When updating the last price, the dividend yield is updated accordingly
* Bugs Fixes

Download link:
Updated Virustotal link:

Old users: just download the file and replace the old one
New users: just download the file and run it, there is no need to install anything nor register with your info, everything is private and kept under the same folder of the executable (portable)

Keep up the excellent feedback so I can make this application even better.
A new version is out with a lot of new things including one click to import Dave Fish list. Click once and the application will download, process and import the list, no more fuss about it.
* Total dividend in Account -> Portfolio -> Your stocks is after taxation
* Payment matrix will show faded dividend for passed months
* Dividends graph and payments matrix will differentiate past payments and future payments by color
* Added hints to the headers in Account -> Portfolio -> Your stocks
* Account -> Portfolio -> Stocks graph is based on current value and not total invested
* One click import of Dave Fish list, no more manual handling. One click does it all.
* FPE was added for manually added stocks
* Added purchase history window for layered purchases of the same stock
* Added support for short purchases
* One click to update both last price and dividends in Account -> Portfolio
* When editing/updating manually added stock, the div yield is calculated based on last price
* Bugs fixes

Download link:
Updated Virustotal link:

Feedback and comments are more than welcome Smile
Is this just for windows?
For now yes but the good thing is that you don't need to register nor give your personal info to start using it. The app is portable so everything is kept in the same folder and backup is as easy as zipping/rarring that specific folder.

Making it mobile requires a lot of initial work and it might happen in the future

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