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Balancing dividend income throughout the year
(08-25-2019, 01:05 PM)Kerim Wrote: Well there's 12 minutes I'll never get back looking at "just look at this" videos.... Tongue

lol...sorry Kerim!

My wife and I giggle like little kids! That guy does another one as "Mumbles" this cowboy character walking around Philly asking people questions as he mumbles.

@Fenders   Yes, as long as they give us the cash option and interest rates are favorable I'll take the cash option on the pension. They didn't always offer it and there's always talk of it not being a choice, only the annuity. I do know some guys that took the annuity and are extremely happy, usually the guys who didn't want to deal with the market. Just within the last few years, the spouse gets something if the employee passes away--the living spouse use to get nothing if that happened. I knew so many guys that died and their spouses were in a world of hurt, very sad. Thank gawd for SS and medicare--I might be a conservative but I'm not a nutjob.

The younger guys at work don't have traditional pensions, they have enhanced k-plans where they get higher company matches then someone like myself. When that way first came out, a current employee with an "x amount" of years had a choice between sticking to the traditional pension or taking the enhanced kplan--I had too many years to walk away from the pension, even with the enhanced company match I wouldn't have made up the money. But these younger kids, now in their 30's might make out better over the long haul with the enhanced vs the pension.

I wouldn't be opposed to employee-sponsored type pensions, that the employee along with the employer adding dollars for a guaranteed pension. It would be a good option to have for employee's.

Where I worked the lack of financial knowledge was astounding.  Before I left I sat down with every one of my employees one at a time.  In about an hour they had a much better understanding, and half of them altered their strategies so they have a chance to succeed.  Several of them still thank me when I see them.  HR should have done a MUCH better job at this important task.

We are going to be hearing a lot of bad news from corporate pension plans very soon.  Many of them are GROSSLY insolvent in just a few years. Their investment return projections will be wildly inaccurate when rates hit the floor and potentially stay there for years.   Not that I would have benefited, but some of this stock buyback windfall needs to be diverted to making sure plans are honored.  But that doesn't help the stock price.  I am invested in MET and PRU.  They may be caught up in some of this blow back.  

Young employees have to take care of themselves from the beginning.  Trusting us boomers with the finances may not be wise.  The pension funds have little choice but to put some pension assets in equities.  You and I do it willingly with our own money, but that plan could blow up on a corporation for a decade or more.  I predict it's gonna get ugly.

Now back to the actual subject......... sorry Crimson.  Smile

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