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I decided to post a thread that will contain dividend stocks that have heavy insider buying. 

This way users can get a sense of what companies see as undervalued and are buying their own stock.

Here's a few names below. I will post as they come in.

FHN - Director bought 100,000 shares on 8/1 at $18.20
LVS President and Coo buys 10,000 shares on 7/31 at $71.13
INTC ceo buys 5243 shares on 7/30 at $47.69
SYF Director buys 10,000 shares on 7/30 at $29.51
T Director buys 64,329 shares on 7/27 at 31.04
PII Director buys 12,195 shares on 7/27 at $104.09
T Director buys 65,500 shares on 7/26 at 30.51
KMI ceo buys 5556 shares on 7/26 at $18.09
GE Director buys 191,000 shares on 7/24 at $13.04
A lot of sites provide thia info (I use finviz.com), but it is a good idea to have a thread here focusing on dividend stocks
Love it -- thanks!
IFF - Director bought 122,500 shares on 8/1 at $132.41 (This one has been on my watch list)
Great thread thank you

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Your welcome guys... looks like T has had the most insider buy the last few weeks. I found 9 insider buys between $30.25 and $32.50.
STX - ValueAct Capital Master Fund bought 946,000 shares on 8/2 at $52.78 (Wow huge buy)
BLK- Director bought 1,000 shares on 8/2 at $467.92 (I know someone on these boards bought this stock a few weeks back)
I was very much hesitating whether to buy ITW or not, but a few days ago I saw the insider. And boom, huge spike today!Smile Good job, BinarySmile
Good info, thanks for sharing.
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