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Microchip Stocks
Anyone have any thoughts on INTC and QCOM?

The Atlantic has an interesting story about Intel (and it's future) that made me start thinking about getting back into Intel again:

Paul Otellini's Intel: Can the Company That Built the Future Survive It?

INTC seems to be better value, but QCOM has been killing it w/ mobile deals over the last few years while INTC has been playing catch-up.
I am a huge fan of Intel, and it is well-represented in my portfolio. I think the last couple of years have been an incredible opportunity to build a position in the name at bargain-basement prices -- with a safe and solid 4-plus percent dividend to keep you warm while you wait for the market to realize its value. It is true that INTC was slow out of the gate with mobile, but I think they are poised to catch up and overtake the competition, possibly with a vengeance.

I know much less about QCOM, and so am not comfortable expressing an opinion. Will look into it though. Thanks for the link.
Thanks for the link -- that is a great article. Intel is, I think, my third largest holding at this point. And the last line of the article captures my hunch about Intel's future:

"If I'm looking out five, ten years, they could potentially bury everybody else," said Rasgon, the analyst.

And even if they do not "bury" everyone else, I still think they'll be making lots of money and continuing to pay increasing dividends.

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