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A few different reasons. I wanted to simplify my portfolio overall and reduce the number of holdings. Apple made the cut -- nothing wrong with the company...still like the direction its heading towards. I will reconsider initiating in hte next cycle possibly. I have listed all the details of my sales in June in this post:
Annual Review for 2017 

[Image: R2R-PortfolioCalendar-2017.png]
Nice progress! And while you didn't reach the 10k mark, you got damn close and I'm sure you'll get above 10k in 2018! As for the mortgage goal, that seems to be a conscious decision, so there must be a reason why you changed your mind during the course of the year. So I wouldn't exactly count that as a "failed goal", rather you just chose to do something else with the money.

I'm horrible at setting goals for myself but it sure is nice to read about other people's goals and if they achieved them! :p Looking forward to seeing which ones you set for 2018!
Here's my portfolio update from 2018. Some additions, some deletions - but overall a great year for my portfolio. Total return including dividends was +4.8%

Full blog post: Annual Review for 2018

[Image: PortfolioCalendar-2018-1024x618.png]

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