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Utilities sector
Somewhere on this thread not long ago I said ALE was the only one of my longtime UTE holdings I was not adding to now as I just liked trading around a small LT position. On APR 1 Zacks downgraded them to strong sell as 2021 earning are going to be a month or two later recovering on the regulated side of their BIZ. I already suspected that so I grabbed a few shares. Two days later CFRA upgrades ALE to strong buy because their green game (unregulated side) is growing rapidly under the radar. Hopefully the spike of that upgrade will pullback for one more chance to add shares. I didn't miss out, but I was too conservative on ALE. I should have added more. Maybe a bad week on the US 10YR treasury gives me another chance or two?

In this slowly rising interest rate environment interest I continue to believe that growing UTEs will far outperform tradition UTEs that are only bought for their dividend. The earnings growers are the true safe ones to own. I'm on record and we shall see. I still love my WEC and XEL but they have run too far to add any more now.

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