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Utilities sector
(06-12-2015, 08:52 PM)Dividend Watcher Wrote: R2R, I second much of Eric's list although you have some Canadian utes on yours which would probably be advantageous for you since there's no currency exchange.

I'd also add AVA & LNT.

The one thing I don't understand is everyone's infatuation with ED. They're in NYS where the regulators are a pain in the ass, the population is very NIMBY when it comes to high voltage transmission and they have little open space to add to their generation sources without a long transmission corridor. I agree, they're a well-run organization; just look at how well they recovered from Hurricane Sandy when much of their underground distribution system was underwater. It's the outside constraints that really holds them back.

Second highest yield on my utility watch list at 4.52% and has produced 41 years of increasing dividends. Not a buy for total return but a nice stock for income investors.
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I developed an analysis specific to the Utility Sector. My analysis looks at dividends, financial statements, and valuations specific to the utility sector. I look for dividends, but not at the expense of total return. Lastly, I back-test the criteria, and check for alpha (S&P Capital IQ database and P123 database management system). Below are some companies I think have good prospects for income and total return.

PPL Corp (PPL) Yield 4.94%

Suburban Propane Partners LP (SPH) Yield 8.63%

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (BEP) Yield 5.64%

SCANA Corp (SCG) Yield 4.33%

SJW Corp. (SJW) Yield 2.55%
Finally got done with my utilities article last night. Many hours of data collection for this one and I think it turned out well.

Hope you enjoy!

Top 10 Utilities For Dividend Growth And Income
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Great article, Eric.
Thanks for the data collection and writeup. Im going thru a similar exercise and was planning on sharing a post on my blog next week.
Just posted on the blog. Sector Overview - Utilities

Looking for feedback on what everyone thinks from the filtering and the breakdown.
Another post, this time focusing on the water utilities.
How to Invest in Water - Water Utilities
I just posted an updated Top Ten List for the utility sector on Seeking Alpha. Stocks are expensive, but there are still a few with appealing yields and dividend growth. As always, enjoy hearing feedback if you find it useful, see anything that could be improved, or think I am missing a good company for the list.
"Buyer Beware! My Top Income Stocks In An Expensive Utility Sector"
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My Top Ten Utility Stocks For 2017 was just posted on Seeking Alpha.

The sector remains quite expensive, but there are a few that are still worth a look at today's prices.

For easy access, here is the top ten, click the link if you want to hear my thoughts on each company.

[Image: 7404831-14830804016294918_origin.png]

2017's Top Ten Utility Stocks For Dividend Growth And Income

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I updated my spreadsheet for the utility sector last week, here is a link to the updated list on my site.

Hope it's helpful for people!

Man the sector is expensive right now!
My website: DGI For The DIY
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Lets hope we get a few buying opportunities soon. I think this sector is due for a big pullback because they are trading at our near historic levels. Once they raise interest rates and it will happen soon this sector will go back to more normal PE and yield.

Would love AEP at $65. That's my favorite name in the sector.

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