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101 Little Happy Moments
With my spreadsheet I mainly just track the cost basis, dividend yield, yield on cost and total returns on the main sheet. Then I have a tab set up for all of my reinvested dividend shares, another tab tracking the dollar value of dividends received for each holding and a final tab for my transactions.

I have a separate spreadsheet set up where I enter information for dividend increases, splits and other important info for each of my stocks.

I also have a portfolio with the holdings entered into Yahoo Finance and Seeking Alpha so I can get news on the companies and track the fundamentals.

When doing my research I focus on historical earnings and dividend growth, projected earnings, debt load and shareholder friendliness of the company. I use, David Fish's CCC list and Robert Allen Schwartz's dividend CAGR site to research.
I used those sources before and track many of the same things you. Good stuff to know.

Once I learned to use conditional formatting spreadsheets really got fun for me. I've set up buy zones; I plug in a price where I think I should get interested in a stock, whether it be to buy more or just check things out. If the current price falls below my "get interested" price, the cell highlights green. It's like a wake up call. I do the same on the upside too, only I use the analysts' one year target price. I have it set so that if a stock gets within 2% of the estimate, the cell goes red, and I know I should give it a little extra attention.

Hehehehe, it delights me to no end knowing I can make a spreadsheet do that. I'm sure it's pretty basic stuff, but they didn't have excel went I went to college, so I'm a hack but I can get a few things done.

I also look at what next year's income will be, percent of the total income a stock throws off, how much it costs me to hold cash compared to a 3.5% dividend stock, the difference between the current yield and your yield on cost and some other things.
Count me in on this one -- I'm a spreadsheet junkie as well!
Wow. After what felt like a long quiet stretch, the start of September has brought a wealth of happy moments in this dividend growth investor’s life! Here’s the haul I find in my brokerage account:

TGT – 0.167 new shares
JNJ – 2.021 new shares
PFE – 1.839 new shares
WFC – 0.719 new shares
INTC – 7.684 new shares
PSX – 0.275 new shares
COP – 2.430 new shares
AFL – 0.613 new shares
F – 1.224 new shares

Together, those dividends add $676.30 to my net worth, and about $23.52 to my annual income stream.

And of course don’t forget about the extra special happy moments that stocks like MO and PM have provided recently with their healthy dividend raises!
Very nice, looking forward to the day when my re-investments start buying more than a whole share!

So far in September I have received payments from AFL, ABC, CHD, CMI, PSX, VVC, WMT, WFC, RGR, IBM, CVX, LO, NSC, TGT, MSFT, MMM and WAG.

I ended up with a record for me $104.26 worth of dividends in June. With new investments in addition to announced dividend increases I should beat that number in September.
March/June/Sept/Dec is my favorite quarter for the happy little moments. About a fifth of my holdings get a full share each reinvestment. PM is nearly up to a share and a half after this last dividend raise. Looking forward to the day when all of my holdings bring in over a share each quarterly dividend.
You guys are making me jealous. I'm due for my first dividend reinvestments in by the end of the month, but most of my purchases went ex dividend just before I assembled the portfolio. Sometimes I hate deferred gratification!
Buying just after ex dividend and having to wait 6+ months to get that dividend is horrible. I've caught myself passing up on adding a stock if it just went ex dividend.
We're in another quiet stretch for dividends, but I was happy to see a little gift from MO hit my account yesterday. A dividend of about $270, automatically reinvested, netting me about 7.7 new shares and about $14.78 more in annual income. Shy
Got a couple pieces of "happy moments" good news after the close.

ABC raised the dividend by 11.9%.

WYNN announced a $3 special dividend and increased quarterly dividend by 25%.

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