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Canadian Banks Revenue by Geography
I just recently went through the exercise of digging through the annual reports to find geographical revenue diversification data. Thought, I'd share with the group here.

Here's the breakdown (numbers are based on 2013 annual reports).

* RBC - 64% Canada, 18% US, 18% Intl.
* TD - 66% Canada, 26.4% US, 7.5% Intl.
* BNS - 49.7% Canada, 4.18% US, 9.14% Mexico, 7.8% Peru, 29.15% Other.
* BMO - 71% Canada, 25% US, 4% Other Intl.
* CM - 90.6% Canada, 1.95% US, 6.21% Caribbean, 1.23% Other
I feel I just saw this data laid out on a map within the last week or two. Was it from an article of yours?
I pulled this data last week - I may have discussed it elsewhere in discussions but possibly only for one or two companies - not for all.

I finally got around to finish looking through BMO and CM annual reports end of last week to collect the rest of the data.

Btw, TD gets a lot of press with a strong US exposure (probably because of the consumer banking arm in the US), but BMO is right behind it with 25% of its revenue coming from US. I was a bit surprised with that number. Didnt know it had such a huge US presence.
An update on the numbers from the 2014 annual reports: I recently wrote an article on SA with updated numbers - and an overview of the outlook and the risk for the banks.

[Image: 17349232-14234127814459674-Roadmap2Retire.png]
Nice work!
Glad you liked it Smile
R2R, somehow I missed this post but found your article on SA yesterday and commented there. Interesting information. Thanks.

“While the dividend itself is merely a rearrangement of equity, over time it's more like owning an apple tree. The tree grows the apples back again and again and again, and the theoretical value of the tree doesn't change just because of when the apples are about to fall.” - earthtodan

DW, You didnt miss it. I just posted the update here after your comment on SA.

The 2015 annual reports for the banks are out. Updating this graphic for the new numbers.

Geographical diversification for 2015
[Image: CdnBanks-Geographical-Diversification-2015.png]

Raw Data:

2015 Geographical Diversification
RY    63.49% Canada,  18.67% US,  17.83% Other Intl
TD    64.35% Canada,  32.26% US,  3.37%   Other Intl
BNS  55.8% Canada,    7.9%     US,  4.98% Mexico, 6.5% Peru, 3% Chile, 2.46% Colombia, 19.12% Other Intl
BMO 60.7% Canada,    30.40% US,  8.9%     Other Intl
CM    84.52% Canada,  5.73%   US,  7.65% Caribbean, 2.1% Other Intl
After compiling the geographical diversification for the year 2015 (and looking at the changes over the past two years) I decided to spend some time digging into the older reports to get the geographical diversification of the Canadian banks over the past ten years -- in order to spot some trends.

See Geographical Diversification Of Canadian Banks

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