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$1000 where to invest?
So guys I have $1000 capital ready to invest, where should I put it?
I've already taken some risky investments so I'm looking for somewhere safe to put it with a company that did reasonably well in 2008.

Im looking for a current buying oppertunity. I.e a reasonable p/e

Thanks Smile
Personally I plan on purchasing MCD when I will have free $1000 (should be a month or so).
I looked at buying at $91 but was scared they were losing their core market to casual diners.
I'm not sure if you have a lot invested, or if this is about the total amount of your investments. If so, I'd recommend a fund like SDY or something. Otherwise if you are just looking for an individual stock, I could get behind MCD as mentioned.
$4000 invested so far
This would take it to 5.
Take a look at my portfolion in the my portfolio section.
XOM and LMT are at the top of my list for buying more.
XON definetly an option.
LMT seems to have an outragous p/e for my liking Smile.
Thanks for the tips

Sorry was thinking of BAE not LMT.
LMT seems a good buy!
I like COP, CVX, and KMI for energy.

AT&T (T) is looking good with a 5%+ yield and it looks like the DirecTV merger will be going through.
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IIRC, you're light on core positions in your portfolio -- the ones you'll hold for 30 years or more bar something drastic changing the business. They're average to slow growers but time & compounding (especially with higher yields) can fix that. With that said I'd look at:
  • Proctor & Gamble (PG) - it's around fair value right now and working on cleaning up the portfolio of products (pun intended).
  • Unilever (UN/UL) - doing the same. Don't know which is better tax-wise for you nor if the ticker is different on local exchanges.
  • ExxonMobil (XOM)/Chevron (CVX)/ ConocoPhilips (COP) - getting hit by oil prices that brought them down closer to a fair value. You might even think of British Petroleum (BP) although the outstanding issues with the Gulf of Mexico spill may give you pause.
  • Kraft Food (KRFT) - slow growth but they're actively working on new products and cost cutting.
  • McDonalds (MCD) - going through what they go through every 10 +/- years, they own a lot or prime real estate and I notice the 'Dollar Menu' is now changing to the 'Dollar Plus Change Menu' which should help on profitability.
  • AT&T (T) - plodding along but the market is changing rapidly and they have lots of options.
Was going to add Becton Dickinson (BDX) since they announced an acquisition over the weekend that seemed a great addition. Then I looked at a quote this morning and Mr. Market is already recognizing that (6% jump) and moving the P/E too high for me.

Can't speak about value right now since I haven't looked at it since we sold it before they sold their portion of Verizon Wireless but you might also look at Vodaphone (VOD).

Be prepared for any of them to be in the red for the next year or two. What are you looking to do for your portfolio at this time? Do you have a business plan for the portfolio? See here or search for Bob Wells and David Van Knapp on SeekingAlpha.

(ETA: Damn Eric, we gotta break this Vulcan mind meld.)
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

In terms of a plan it's as follows.

I've already invested in more risky companies such as OAO GAZPROM, LLOYDS, AFLAC and CARILLION.

I'm now looking for solid investments that I'm looking to hold for atleast 30years. I'm 21 now and want to be having a decent income stream within 30years.

I have £5k in emergency savings and am investing 50% of free income and saving the other 50%.

I foresee being able to put away £2k over the next year and another £2k the year after. Although I'm reluctant to plunge my savings (£10k by 2016) into shares.

My next investments must be Solid.


As a guide how much should I be investing into each?

Atleast a £500 stake?


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