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stock screeners
What are some of the best out there? I don't need anything too detailed, but would like something more than Google finance offers. Thanks for the help.
Since my accounts are at TDAmeritrade, I use their's although it lacks a couple metrics I am interested in, specifically current ratio and dividend growth rate.

Also use Finviz ( and sometimes Yahoo's.

Some paid research firms' screeners are even better. F.A.S.T Graphs comes to mind but I don't subscribe right now.

I would caution you about setting your criteria too tight. A good company may "miss" on one criteria but be a perfectly good addition to the portfolio. For example, if your requirement is a 3% yield you may miss something that has a 2.95% yield and the next dividend increase would put it well over 3%. Also, you may want to add something to your watch list for the same reason.

Since I really like dividend growth companies, I also use the CCC list and sort and trim the 'All CCC' tab to narrow down my list.

Also, screeners should only be a first step to come up with some candidates. Do some research once you've narrowed your list.

“While the dividend itself is merely a rearrangement of equity, over time it's more like owning an apple tree. The tree grows the apples back again and again and again, and the theoretical value of the tree doesn't change just because of when the apples are about to fall.” - earthtodan

I use, and love, ... they have free and premium tiers and I upgraded to premium after just a couple days of using the tool if for no other reason than to support the product and contribute to keeping it around for as long as possible

You can create and keep a stable of screeners and quants. Quants are screeners that you can attach weights to attributes and rank your screen ( or watchlist or portfolio ). You can even export / import your sceeners / quants to share with others ( they're just JSON snippets I think )

They listen to their customers ( I've had a real, personal, human response for every feedback I've sent in ) and update the product a lot ... if you look closely at the first screenshot you can see a column for Chowder numbers. You can select Chowder columns based on 1 yr, 3 yr and 5 yr numbers I believe. That Chowder thing was a recent update and I believe was created directly from user feedback wanting that attribute to be screenable.

Stock Rover Videos

I'm not affiliated with the company, but I do pay for the premium service. I just really, really love the product and hope it's around for a long time. Would also be cool to get a DGI library of screeners / quants from the users here

[Image: Aq0x8Wx.jpg]

[Image: Me13RNV.jpg]

Finally started experimenting and using Stock Rover and really like it (although the amount of data seems a bit overwhelming). Still havent experimented much with screeners, but really liking what I see so far.
Same here! I signed up and tinkered for a few minutes and was pretty quickly overwhelmed. Looks like it will be a powerful tool when I can invest the time to get familiar with it.
Nice, glad others are sipping the koolaid. SR has a ton of helpful videos showing how to use their tools :

My application can help you screening Dave Fish list. The last version allows you to import it in just one click and define and store for later use flexible criterias based on Dave Fish information.

Not even close to SR ofcourse but you won't be overwhelmed Smile
Thanks for sharing Amos. Will try it out on the wknd.
Anyone else having issues with Stock Rover since the last update?

Edit: it's working fine now, signed out, cleared C&C, signed in again, it was all fine! No reason to panic! Big Grin
In my experience any time I've used the feedback button within the site to either report a suggestion or a problem a real human has gotten back to me with a legit response within an hour or two. I think it's a pretty small team in Boston.


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