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Best Dividend Growth Resources
In this post, we'll be collecting a list of the best resources focused on investing in dividend growth stocks. The goal is not an exhaustive list of everything out there, but rather a curated list of really excellent resources. If you think something should be added to to list, nominate it in a normal thread below.

Information Websites

David Fish's famous "CCC" Spreadsheet -- Updated monthly with detailed information about the dividend growth Champions, Contenders, and Challengers. Many other useful tools there as well.  
Robert Allen Schwartz's "Tesselation" Site -- Another great source of data on dividend growth companies, especially showing how dividend streaks correlate to dividend growth rates among dividend growth companies. (See navigation links at the bottom of the Home page.)


Dividend Mantra -- A weekly stop for many Dividend Growth Forum members, with great articles about dividend growth investing and Jason's march to financial independence.
The Conservative Income Investor -- Tim McAleenan's great blog about dividend growth investing.
Dividend Growth Investor -- Great articles about dividend growth investing and specific company analyses.
Eric Landis' Articles -- A great series of articles over at Seeking Alpha from our very own EricL! And be sure to check out his new website: 
Dividend Growth Investing for the Do-It-Yourself Investor.


The Single Best Investment, by Lowell Miller (2006).

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