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How To Insert Images In Your Posts
There are two easy ways to insert images into your post.

The first way is to use the “insert image” icon above the text box where you type your post. To use this method, however, the image needs to be on a server and you have to have a URL for it.

The second way is where you have the image on your computer and want to upload it to the site for insertion in your post. To use this method:

  1. In the screen where you are making your new post, down near the bottom, you’ll see a section with the heading “Attachments.” Click the “Choose File” button.
  2. Navigate to the image on your computer and double click it or select “open.”
  3. You should now see the filename next to the “Choose File” button in the “Attachments” area of the posting page.
  4. Click “Add Attachment.”
  5. Now you should see the filename in a new line just below the “Choose File” button, and a new option to the right of that saying “Insert Into Post.”
  6. Click “Insert Into Post” and text will automatically be added to your post referring to your image. It will look like this: “[attachment=2]”.
  7. Move that text wherever you want it in the post, and type the rest of your post and you should be all set. Note that the image will likely not show correctly in “Preview Post” mode, but it will be there just fine when you actually post.
Let me know if that is clear enough.


Practice with the attachment method.

Another test photo. Wife's recent birthday.

Appears that when using this method the photo size may need to be edited, especially if taken at very high resolution.

BTW, the wife's birthday cake may be ugly, but I baked it from scratch. Used a wedding cake recipe for the cake and made butter cream frosting.

Attached Files Image(s)
An ugly cake eats just as good as a good-looking one! I trust it did not diminish your "excellent husband" accolades.
No, she was happy to have the attention. I also made scratch pasta sauce from some of my frozen, home grown tomatoes. Served the pasta with a mixed greens salad that was picked fresh from our garden. Paired the meal with a nice sparkling Mumm rose. Most days she classifies me as a keeper. Other days she uses less complementary terms to describe me. I work pretty hard to deserve both descriptions!
I thought I followed your instructions but it didn't work:

What did I do wrong?
I figured out what I'm going to do when I retire. I'm going to move in with Alex and eat cake and homemade pasta sauce. Yumm! In return, I'll pick up his bent nails as he works. Big Grin
BHN, it appears you tried to attach a spreadsheet and not a picture. I don't believe the board software has the correct filters to convert a spreadsheet to a displayable image.

What you can do is get the spreadsheet on the screen and adjusted how you want it to display.
  • Press the print screen ('PrtScn' or some other variation). This copies a screenshot to the clipboard (in memory).
  • Open Paint and paste the screenshot there.
  • Use the selection tool to put a box around the relevant part you want in your image.
  • Use the crop toolbar button to eliminate all the extras. If you have an older version of Windows (thus older Paint), there is no crop tool. In that case, you would select the important stuff, Edit->Cut, start a new image and paste the 'cut' image from memory.
  • Save it to your disk as a .jpg or .png to save space.

Then the instructions above will work.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

Yes, DW has it right, Be Here Now. For the "table" in my portfolio, I get it just how I want it in Excel, then I just take a screenshot of the portion I want, which saves as a JPG or PNG. Either of those should attach just fine using the instructions I posted.

Please let us know if that does not solve it.


(03-09-2016, 03:47 PM)benjamen Wrote: Test

You passed! Big Grin
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

Frustration mounts  Big Grin

So I'm working on a draft on my thoughts on rethinking risk.  I have several images from Portfolio Visualizer that my Mac saved as TIFF's and I converted to JPG.  I've inserted this one into the draft but when I select "Preview" it returns "no image"  ! ? ! ?  Huh

When I try to insert the image into a random new post it inserts fine (see below).

So what gives?  Any work arounds?



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