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The Great Facebook Rip-Off
I absolutely hate everything there is about FB and I could care less if goes to $1 or $1000.

I resisted mightily getting a FB account but finally gave in and signed up a year ago. I don't get the fascination with telling everybody you're going to the grocery store or "hey look at this cute video of a kitten", it's just beyond me and I can't understand why people think this is fun and how it translates into $$$$.

I know, I know they have a gazillion users and they sell ads. So what does anybody click on that stuff? Maybe they do but I don't and if advertisers aren't getting any bang for their buck......Perhaps there's more to it than that but I'm not seeing it, nor do I care to.

Zuckerberg doesn't appear to be a guy that would give me a lot of confidence either. He's just a media hyped concoction of genius and folk hero that comes off like the deer caught in the headlights, like a scared little weenie boy that ain't got a clue. The next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, gimme a break.

Zuckerberg also makes my Top 10 list of guys I'd like to smack on general principle; he's right up there with Richard Gere and Barney Frank.

OTOH maybe it's my old fart brain getting in the way of new age stuff I don't understand.

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