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Top Dividend Growth Stocks
(11-18-2013, 10:51 PM)ChadR Wrote: Not sure that I follow your rule on having a dividend history longer than 25 years. So PG isn't on your list since their dividend history and dividend growth history is longer than 25 years? And will you sell a company that hits a 26 year history that you currently own? It's late so I could be reading your list wrong.

My criteria is: MUST have paid a dividend for at least 10 yrs, while most of what I own have paid for 25 yrs or longer.

Said that PG, JNJ & WMT would be ON my list.
Thanks. I read it wrong. I was thinking that you only wanted 10-25 year dividend payers. Thanks for the claification.
(11-13-2013, 08:34 PM)Kerim Wrote: I’m happy to share my top 10 dividend growth stocks, but I have to preface with a ton of caveats:
  • I’m just a guy. I have no training or expertise in this stuff whatsoever. Take me seriously at your own peril.
  • This is only a WATCH LIST. A jumping off point for further thought and research.
  • You would laugh your butt off if you saw the inner workings of my rating system.
  • On top of its crudeness, it omits lots of important things, like balance sheet information. That is stuff I research when I get closer to actually making a purchase.
  • My universe of stocks is extremely small – at present there are only 29 companies that I am watching. So these are MERELY to top 10 of those 29.
  • I update my data for each underlying stock haphazardly. For example, I haven’t bothered to update my numbers for SO since May.

Ok, with all of that out of the way, here they are, as of 11/13/13:

Ticker -- Score (out of 100)
1. AFL -- 78
2. PM -- 75
3. MO -- 73
4. COP -- 72
5. DE -- 72
6. XOM -- 70
7. WFC -- 68
8. CSCO -- 67
9. MSFT -- 65
10. LMT -- 64

Would love to see other folks' top 5 or 10 lists. Also, would love input as to which stocks I should add to my watch list universe of 29.

I am long CSCO and LMT on that list.

My list would include AAPL, O, CVX, PG, KMB, JNJ, WEC, WAG, OHI, BCE, GE, RCI and a few others utilities. I have partnerships with 36 companies and have a few on a watch list.
Kerim, thank you for sharing...imho, sharing helps all of us to become better investors.

Out of your top ten watch list I own, AFL/MO/COP/XOM/WFC/CSCO

Earlier this year I was buying GILD/AAPL/MO/KR

Right now, CELG is what I've been buying in my brokerage account

Stocks that are on my watch/buy list that I already own are

CELG/MO/KR/ABBV/XOM/AFL/AAPL/BRK.B/ the Canadian Top 5 banks

I have two more CELG buys in me...then after that the only stock I've been watching on my wish/watch list has been XPO
(11-18-2013, 11:47 AM)cannew Wrote: -
Rule: “It’s not which stock to buy from my list, but the price I am able to buy it at.”

Example: I believe GE should have been on most dividend growth lists. But in June 2009 it cut the dividend from .31 to .10 cents and it's average price dropped from $35 to $12. Therefore if I still believed in the company at that time, I would have bought more shares during its low $7 to $12 (thereby reducing average cost). The price is up to $27 while the dividend is up to 19 cents.

Rule 1 is executed in my investing by waiting for a stock on the list (around 40 names) to drop 20%. I then initiate a 1/2 position. If it drops another 20% the other gets bought.

If it doesn't drop the second 20% the $$ goes back into the pot looking for the next bargain.

Rule 2 is sell only if/when the dividend gets cut.

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