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What do you do for a living?
College proffesor- theatre.

I am an engineer. Currently, I do industrial facility design. In the past I was an aerospace engineer. Most relevant to this forum, I have have experience with technology and strategic planning.
Hey guys!

Nice to meet you, I just discovered this forum today! (imagine, I've been blogging about dividend since 2010! hahaha!).

I'm a private banker (CFP, MBA) working in wealth management. I do portfolio management, retirement planning and financing. I like the fact I can learn about investing from work and use this knowledge on my blog Smile
Hello Dividend Guy, and welcome to the forum – very glad to have you posting here! I’ve actually been to your site a few times in my travels around the web. I think you’ve got some good material there. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, check it out over at The Dividend Guy.
Like the Dividend Guy also just discovered this forum today. Was an accountant in Canada providing consulting services. Set up their accounting systems and provided on-going training. Retired 4 years ago but still have afew clients.
Congrats on retirement, cannew! That's pretty far off in the distance for several of us here, but would love to be inspired by your tales of the luxury and leisure that you are no doubt enjoying and that we can look forward to!
Congrats on the retirement. Hope to be retired with you sooner rather than later. DG will get me there before I know it.
Thanks. Before we found the DG and especially thanks to the Connolly Report, we were just spinning our wheels. Invested in many stocks which made & lost money, got a financial advisor who had most of our money in GIC's (cd's) and mutual funds. The losses were limited but again limited growth and lots of fees.

Since we've switched to DG our income has grown each year and our investment has been positive. Even when we got hit badly by 2008\2009, we held onto our stocks, the income continued to grow and now we've recovered all our paper losses (even though some of the stocks original prices have not been reached).

As I don't get a company pension (other than CPP, your soc sec), dividend income is important. We've managed to grow our dividends to the point they are currently double the gov't pension, and growing.
Hello to everyone, just discovered this forum. Great members.

I am recently retired from a highly stressful job as Director of Distribution Channels for Asia-Pacific. Managed more than a dozen distributors selling and supporting scientific equipment to research and teaching laboratories.

Now trying hard to derive income from a variety of investments - individual bonds, MLPs, Preferred Stock, and DG stocks.
I recently retired from the position of Research Evaluation Coordinator for a large community college district in the northwest.

Currently I am the CEO of Smith Family Investments Big Grin

Working on moving to the Yucatán at the end of January. Lots to do.

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