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(06-09-2020, 11:30 AM)EricL Wrote:
(06-09-2020, 11:01 AM)stockguru Wrote:
(06-09-2020, 10:42 AM)EricL Wrote: Here is my latest update.

Dividend Growth Digest: June 2020

Just 4% income growth for May, but I'm still well on pace for double-digit growth this year.

Do you still own SKT since they suspended the dividend?

No, I sold on February 15th of 2019 at $21.60. Saw the business was in decline and got out with just a 14% loss.

I forgot to turn off auto dividend reinvestment before I sold, so ended up with some fractional shares that paid the $0.19 dividend.

After November it will fall off the list for my year-over-year comparison.

Got ya. I didn't think you would hold that if your sold CBRL. BTW CBRL on a big run!
CBRL has been a traders favorite well before Covid. Pretty crazy you can day or swing trade around a core position in a mature slow growth restaurant. It's not as much fun with the dividend gone for a good while. I think CBRL is worth about 100 with no dividend. We'll see where it lands.
The Dividend Growth Digest for July was posted this morning. My quarterly income was up 26.7% for Q2 and is up 14.3% so far this year.

Dividend Growth Digest: July 2020
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Enjoyable read as always. Pleased to see you are exceeding your 10%+ income growth goal. My port has as well, but it has sure been more complicated to manage this year. It's tough to know when it's time to run away fast or maybe just trim a Div cutter, or a tech stock that is running far ahead of fundamentals. I think your decisions have been sound, whether it looks that way immediately or not. Let's hope the Div cuts are over, but I suspect we may have to manage a surprise now and then going forward.

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