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Alex's Portfolio - changes
As posted on 9/25:

Long term income portfolio, about equally weighted:

Main IRA account with weighting of larger positions: AAPL (10%) CCJ (8%) CSCO (7%) ECA (7%) EWZ GE (8%) GLOG INTC (13%) NAT PBA

Changes as of 10/2:
Long term income portfolio, no changes.

IRA account:
AAPL (10%) CCJ (8%) CSCO (7%) ECA (7%) EWZ GE (8%) GLOG INTC (13%) KMR (2.5%) NAT PBA WPC (2.3%)

CSCO weighting remains approximately the same but 400 shares were called at $21 and those shares were replaced at $23.12. Short term play was initiated and closed for SRTY. Resulted in (-$63).
Changes 10/3-10/17 - all in trading accounts except at noted
Added 100 HCP at $38.90 on 10/4
Added 200 CCJ at $18.01 on 10/7
Added 400 ARCP at $12.37 on 10/8
Added 30 POT at $31.96 in long term account
Added 300 ECA at $17.74 on 10/17

Sold 3 call contracts on ECA $18 April for $1.25
Closed 5 call contracts on CCJ for 30 cents, retaining about 80% of the original fee
Closed 4 call contracts on CCJ for 25 cents

Current portfolio, excluding short calls:
[Image: 10337528655_0d0d72bacd_o.png]
That's a lot of Intel, Alex! Do I remember you saying you were going to scale that back? Have you reconsidered?
600 shares got called this past week.
Weighting is now about 8%.
Portfolio changes 10/18-10/28. No changes in the long term portfolio. Cash continues to accumulate in the IRA accounts.

sell 100 HCP These two moved too far, too fast, captured short term gain of about 9% in the IRA.
Sell 400 ARCP
Sell 600 INTC - calls exercised, so lost the shares. This was factored in prior to taking on the very overweight position, and am happy with the result.
Sell 3 April calls on ECA for $1.25
Sell 600 shares of ECA - am expecting a big slash in the dividend

Sell 100 EWZ - closed calls and exited the position for anticipated level of profit.

[Image: 10539479336_788c34f82d_o.png]
Hi Alex --

When you say "these two," are you referring to HCP and ARCP? And by "too far too fast" do you mean the downdraft that has hurt just about all REITs this year, or something else? Thanks!
I bought shares of HCP and ARCP during the previous dump, and they very quickly rose over 10% then drifted a bit lower. I decided to capture my profit from the quick rebound. I still think that REITs and anything perceived as interest rate sensitive will take a huge hit when and if the Fed is ever able to move back toward a more normalized policy.

That said, it is looking more and more like the fed will feel that they have limited options wrt QE, at least for quite a period into the future. So I'll likely play the dips, but in the IRA accounts will generally be biased toward the short term trade, especially when the price gives a quick 8%-10% from entry.

I'm much more comfortable with a large allocation of opportunity cash now, as opposed to being anywhere close to fully deployed.
(10-28-2013, 04:18 PM)hendi_alex Wrote: I'm much more comfortable with a large allocation of opportunity cash now, as opposed to being anywhere close to fully deployed.

I'm with you on that. I don't plan on selling much more (if any) to raise cash, but I'm thinking that I'm going to let new monthly contributions pile up in cash for a bit. With the possible exception of TGT, none of the stocks that I'm excited to add to my portfolio look like great values to me right now. And I've already made more purchases in 2013 than I had planned on. So I'm likely going to sit on the sidelines for a bit unless some new opportunities arise.
Portfolio Changes 10/29-11/11 - no changes in the long term dividend portfolio other than adding $500 in new funding which went toward paying down the small amount of margin being used. Also, $119 in dividends hit the long term dividend account.

IRA accounts
speculative play - bought 10 DLR December $50 calls. Reasoning as follows: dividend is declared, sell off could be overdone, could easily be a dividend run toward the Dec 11 ex. dividend date. Will likely close the position a couple days before, depending upon the price action.

speculative play - bought 10 CCJ Jan $20 calls. IMO this stock will bounce to the $22-$24 range, mine just amounts to a guess at the timing of that move.

Buy - 200 shares HCP at an average price of $40.19. Will add 100 more shares if the price dips to $38.50 or lower.

[Image: 10801420866_816c8c048c_o.png]

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