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Yay it's 2023!
It's 2023!  Here's how the year shapes up for me:


With my annual bonus, I have 4 options.
Option 1 is to replace my air conditioning condensers (I have 2) because freon has been illegal since 2020; I can't get them serviced anymore.  They could stop working at any time.  I've made it this far though.
Option 2 is to fund my ROTH IRA.
Option 3 is to fund my taxable account.
Option 4 is to keep the funds in savings.


I get my raise.  Hopefully it will be enough to allow me to avoid needing dividends in my budget, or at least reduce the need from say $400 to $100.


My ex-wife graduates law school and could theoretically start working.  Do people hire 47 year old lawyers?  We will find out!  If and when she does, we can recalibrate child support, and hopefully the $485 I pay per week goes down to something I can more easily manage, like say $300.  Then the additional funds, plus my existing dividends, can hopefully allow me to invest $1200+ per month, and we can get this party restarted Smile
Nice to see that you've got plenty of positive developments coming in 2023, I hope all of them go as planned!
Unfortunately I can't help you with your decision coming up in March, but I'm sure you'll manage to figure it out before that.

Personally, I don't really have too many goals or things planned for 2023. And I consider that a good thing, finally starts to feel like I have some free time. Big Grin I guess I'll put my efforts into figuring out how to get the most of that free time.
My 2023 goal is to rotate some out of my very conservative port into some tech by mid year.
(01-09-2023, 07:50 PM)fenders53 Wrote: My 2023 goal is to rotate some out of my very conservative port into some tech by mid year.

Which ones?

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