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I'm back
Not sure if anyone remembers me!

I was quite active in the infancy of the forum but between:

Finishing university, getting a job, qualifying as an accountant in the UK, buying a home & starting a family I wasn't really investing much new capital into the market so stopped posting. 

However now I'm in a stable job, have a home and my child is 2. So here's announcing that I'm back and actively investing again (I just SWAN'd with my existing positions during the last few years).

I'm so excited to reconnect with everyone and hopefully there's at least one person out there who remembers me either as Lewys120 or my current name aha!
Sure, I remember you! And I'm sure many others do too, we've had some new members popping in but luckily a lot of the old ones haven't gone anywhere.

Good to have you back! Wink
Welcome back! I've seen some of your old posts.
Welcome back!
My website: DGI For The DIY
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Welcome back. Glad that portfolio you built was a SWAN and put less stress on your life while having a full plate with everything else going on with you.
Of course, DD! Welcome back!

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