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Portfolio Performance
I just posted the following response to a recent article on Seeking Alpha. Just want to share with the community what a retired, RMD taking, run of the mill old school investor/stock traders' portfolio performance looks like in a down market...............................

As of yesterday my IRA is down 2.39%. I'm in the 7th year of RMD's and all RMD's come out of a second SEP retirement account that is all cash and CD's. Although the RMD's come exclusively out of the SEP account the amount of RMD's are based on the total balance of both portfolios (IRA_SEP) as required. No new money has been added to the IRA under discussion. This portfolio is designed to produce income and risk-off.

This portfolio is currently 66.83% stocks and 33.17% fixed income. The reason the portfolio has performed so well is because I was overweight in Energy at the beginning of the year (about 11%). The stock portion of the portfolio is about 90% Dividend Achievers and Dividend Aristocrats with some speculative holdings. The porfolio cash position ranges from 15-20% which is used for active trend and swing trading.

The periodic trading provides and incredible boost to portfolio returns. I rarely sell out of a position. I just buy and sell partial positions of these very stable large cap stocks at opportune times based on rules. I have used this rules based trading for about 15 years with success.

I track this IRA in real time with a very detailed Excel Workbook structured as follows:
Historical Performance (15 years of history)
Annual Budget
Summary & Annual Goals
Long Term CD's
Short Term CD's
Cash Balance and Interest Income
RMD's (with running balance of the SEP + projections) discussed in a recent SA Article.
Daily Stock Pricing
Summary Page (stocks, bond ETF's, CD's, Index ETF's and cash)
The workbook also includes individual spreadsheets for a summary of the 11 sectors as well as 80 plus individual stock, ETF's, and Bond ETF tabs to show all dividend and trading income for each holding.

No B.S. Only Facts and I do sleep well at night. :-)

Jul 8, 2022. 12:48 PMLink
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