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Accumulated 400 shares this a.m. @$23.12. Like the business leadership position, like the mountain of cash. Ex out the debt and the company still has $34B in cash or roughly 30% of market cap value. POR is only 33% and with all of the cash still plenty of room to keep hiking the dividend. Company seems quite committed to relatively young dividend policy. Since 2011 when the dividend was set at $0.06, it jumped twice in 2012 to $0.08 then to $0.14. Then this year was hiked again to $0.17. Current yield is about 3%.

I've mostly used CSCO as a covered call play for its rich call prices. I'll sit on these shares for a while though as wouldn't mind holding some shares for the long haul.
I've had CSCO on my watch list but haven't found a place for it in my portfolio yet.

Have AAPL, MSFT, IBM, QCOM for my tech stocks. Recently sold INTC to buy my IBM position.

ACN also announced a nice dividend raise this morning. I don't like the semi-annual payments and prefer to stick with American based companies, but I think it looks like a decent tech prospect as well.

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