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Threat of U.S. Default is Real?
So a friend just sent me this Reuters article asking my thoughts. It basically discussed whether there might really be a risk of default next month if lawmakers can't come together to get things done.

My own opinion is that this is wildly unlikely to happen. But, that doesn't mean that the two sides won't (as typical in recent years) engage in some brinksmanship that could itself roil the markets -- even if there is no default ultimately. If you can stomach the turmoil, and if there is ultimately no catastrophe, then it is -- once again -- time to update those shopping lists and make sure you've got some dry powder to capitalize on the situation.
Let's hope they at least procrastinate long enough to scare the market. I've got cash to invest and currently all the buys I'd like to make are expensive (at least based on my criteria).
I was hoping the last 'crises" would scare the marketing into some good buys--I think we're all too savey these days...

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