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Hello from Frankfurt
Hello everyone!

I am Golden living in frankfurt and a business minded turning passive investor. After dabbling in various approaches and strategies, the one that made the most sense to me was a mixture of Value investing and Dividend investing. As an avid reader and learner, I eventually found the good book (the SBI) and this forum. I must admit, it is one of the last of its kind, very serene atmosphere and no unnecessary clashes. I have read many threads already and decided to join the group. I have observed though that most members are 50+, maybe that's why there is so much wisdom around here. 

In anycase, I hope I am welcomed and can contribute the little I can. 

I am very glad you found us. Most of the active members are not actually 50+. I am almost 60 but we have plenty of members in their 30's-40's. The diversity of age is good here. I hope you start some new threads soon.
Welcome. Yes, we may just be close to being one of the last in kind. This place, and the people, are amazing.
I kinda like the fact that we are having some more members from outside of the USA. Now I don't have to be the only one spamming amazing foreign stocks. Big Grin

And yeah, most of the people actually aren't that old. It might seem like that, but we have just adopted a more calm and long-term view on the market than the majority of the.. umm let's just call it the ADHD generation. Big Grin
Welcome Golden! Glad you found us and have joined up. And I agree it is a great group of people here! I wonder if this style of investing attracts more level-headed folks? We're certainly much more attractive than average, I've noticed. Wink

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Welcome. Nice to have another member from across the pond.
Greetings, Golden99!
Hello from Wilmington, DE

I have been investing for over 20 years and I currently own 116 stocks. I buy between 1-3 shares each. That's thee way I have always done things. I buy stocks when they are out of favor and don't chase names. In the last 6 months I have only done about 4 buys. But I am close to buying a few within the next few days. I have roughly about 8k to invest.

In the 20 years my portfolio is up about 860%. Names like APPL have split many times and my 3 shares are now at 62 Smile

Anyway nice to meet you all
Welcome Mr1share. Nothing wrong with buying 1 share at a time. I do this too as I hate to have cash sitting idle.
Love your screen name MR1share. A lot of us accumulated like that early on. Granted most of us transitioned to accumulating more of our quality companies but whatever keeps you interested in investing can work out.

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