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Holy crap E*Trade is really messing up!!!
[Image: 77841e1c-095b-45b9-850d-15c85e945058.png]

It was fine an hour ago. At least my actual share counts aren't lost.
... and the problem mysteriously went away.
That's happen to me many times on E*TRADE. It makes you have a stroke every now and then.

Question why RCL and CCL. Every think of buying NLCH? CCL and RCL no longer pay a dividend and NLCH is probably the best positioned in the industry. And you got a nice dip now off the highs lol

Glad you joined the club in RIO
Many times? Yikes. I hope to never see that weirdness again.

RCL and CCL might have been bad ideas. I was thinking there is so much pent up demand post-covid to go on cruises that they will take off. Right now though I've taken a loss. NLCH - thanks for the tip! I didn't know about it.

Yeah, RIO has been great so far and might be my highest dividend yielder that I expect to grow as well.
While apparently it happens and gets fixed, this is not something I want to see from my broker.
This is the second time you're having issues with them in the past few days. I'd start considering switching over to someone else... but that's just me.

I have no personal knowledge/info/experience with e*trade but being not satisfied a couple of times in a matter of days is not a good sign. Apparently there are a lot of good alternatives in the USA if you're not satisfied with what you are getting.

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