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Let's make a 5-6 stock portfolio!
If tracking fun stocks is the way to go ...

HSY - Hershey Co., 2.02% dividend and 5 year performance is up over 50%.
RMCF - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 8.70% dividend which is great but 5 year performance it went from 10 down to 5.52 currently
TR - Tootsie Roll Industries, 1.07% dividend but 5 year performance is up only 10%.

The fact that I'm on a diet and trying to be off chocolate may have played a part in this post Smile
(03-29-2021, 02:01 AM)crimsonghost747 Wrote:
(03-28-2021, 08:05 PM)NilesMike Wrote: I was thinking maybe something sexier.

LB?  Big Grin

No but I do think that later on it's a good idea to pick companies which have products that she knows. I do think it's one of the best ways to motivate someone to get into stocks. Even works for me to this day. Big Grin
(for example, I do prefer to be on an Airbus a320 rather than a Boeing 737. Honestly I probably couldn't tell the difference while inside the plane and I didn't care at all before I bought Airbus)
Same.  I have always lived near an area with a lot of important corporations to the local company.  Infatuated with my vacation stomping grounds which is Minnesota.  Minneapolis has a large quantity of excellent quality companies.  Military lifer so familiar with defense products (LHX for example).  I use their products, drive by corporate HQs, friends working for some of the companies.  It gives me more motivation to stay informed beyond the money aspect.  I have some connection, real or perceived, to half my port over the years.  Being interested in your investments is helpful IMO.  I am certain I paid more attention to those holdings.  I still trim them when they need trimmed though.
I always wanted to buy HRL and sadly never did.

Also considering GS
(03-29-2021, 08:41 AM)NilesMike Wrote: I always wanted to buy HRL and sadly never did.

Also considering GS
HRL is now like KO but even more boring and a better balance sheet.  It perpetually looks over priced because that balance sheet is crazy good.  It will never make me rich but I always own 100 or so shares.  The annual Div raises are always there and intermittently very good.  When I can sell a few puts with a 45-46 strike I sell 2-4 spreading out the strikes.  When it gets around 50 I sell a call or two on my long shares.  A lot of very low risk $50 bills over the course of a year add up enough to make it worth my trouble.  I got nothing better to do with my low risk basket.  It's been easy to make 10% annually.  That's little money lately but I'd lose no sleep if I got stuck with HRL shares.  They have cash to buy something cheap if the market ever crashes. That's likely their only path to future growth.

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