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2021 Perfect Portfolio Competition
It's that time of year again.  2020 contest will wrap up soon.  2020 wasn't so fun as the Covid crash whipped most of us.  Divemenow has stolen my crown for 2020.  We'll see who takes it this year.

 We'll keep it fairly simple again.  It will run from JAN 1 to DEC 31 2021.  Try to have your picks in by very early January, but we can keep it open a few extra days to get more participants.

1.  Pick five stocks. Not confined to the US.  One of the stocks may be an ETF but index funds such as S&P500 is discouraged.  We are trying to use our individual stock picking abilities.      
2.  Let's keep the DGI forum theme, but I don't want to be overly limiting so minimum 1.0% dividend yield is OK this year. That will eliminate penny stocks.     
3.  If you wish, you may waive the dividend rules for one stock or ETF.  Add a leveraged ETF or even a hedge ETF if you wish.    
4.  Make some attempt at diversification like you would if this was your real port.  Two tech stocks or two industrials is fine, two chip stocks or two auto manufacturers is not.  

EDIT:  I lowered the minimum dividend requirement to 1% for 2021.  Many quality DGI stocks have appreciated their dividend under the previous 1 1/2% threshold.  

Although I started this, I am open to your ideas for rule changes.  Suggestions welcomed but we need them within a few days. 

We won't use it for scoring, but just for fun throw out your best "short" candidate.  (No dividend requirement) We'll see how much you would have won or lost committing to short 100 shares for an entire year.  We aren't scoring it as that would be a crazy commitment.        
Subject to something running hard by years end, here are my picks.


Short Door Dash

I plan to retain my crown in 2021 lol

And what did I win for my prize?? I think 1 share in AMZN should do it LOL
Looks like a contender. But then again this always starts out looking like we should as all be up 10% considering some of us are halfway there with Divs.

And you won the same thing I won last year, one share of BRK.A. I am just waiting for the others to send their 10% and I will get it right to you. Smile

BTW my short pick is Door Dash before somebody else picks it.
Are preferred stocks allowed? Looking at a preferred stock that has a nice yield. Will get little to no rise in stock price, but the dividend will be a nice kicker. And that might keep me out of the negative this year.
(12-29-2020, 08:53 PM)ChadR Wrote: Are preferred stocks allowed?  Looking at a preferred stock that has a nice yield.  Will get little to no rise in stock price, but the dividend will be a nice kicker.  And that might keep me out of the negative this year.

Absolutely.  That could be part of a winning strategy if you believe the market may end up flat or down for the year.  An ETF or two is fine as well.  The only important rules are diversify and at last 4 of 5 stocks have to pay a dividend at least 1% yield.  Just trying to keep somebody from grabbing  sketchy stocks that double for no particular reason.  Didn't want to eliminate FANG with a high div yield requirement the short pick is just for fun if you care to select one.  That's a trick a year in advance.

This has actually turned out to be harder than I thought the first few years.   Very few ports have beaten the index, or even gotten very close.
ok I'll join you guys this year. At least this way I'll end up taking the last place and none of you have to be sad for finishing last! Big Grin
Did I understand correctly that you are NOT counting the dividend yield into the final results? So it's purely change in stock price?



Airbus (AIR - Paris stock exchange) - Not sure if you consider this my no div pick? Definitely a DGI company but no div in 2020 and most likely none in 2021 due to obvious reasons.


Still thinking of the last one.

[EDITED] Short: While I'd love to join you guys on the short DASH party, I'm actually going to pick NKLA for my short. Just to be different from you guys! This company, despite being proven to be at least partly a scam, still has a 6 billion market cap. Soon, hopefully during 2021, even the fanatic believers and pure speculation traders will realize that this company is worth $0.
Yes the div yield definitely counts. I may not track it through the updates. I dont recall if the port tracker Otter posted is total return or not. For simplicity I think we said highest normal quarterly 4X. Divmenow spanked us for 2020 so close is good enough. Smile

I need to harass some more prospective participants today lol.

BTW Nikola is a good short pick IMO. My brain hurts trying to imagine how GM got so close to a major deal with them.
Will go with:


And will short a meme stock since there's no real money involved . . . GME
Ok, I'll have to revise my list a bit.
It's partly because I had a hard time selecting a fifth one without having too much exposure to aerospace/defense.
But mostly because it just wouldn't be my portfolio if there wasn't a wonky foreign company that you guys haven't heard of... something that makes you wonder "how do I pronounce that" before it makes you wonder "what do they do?".

ASSA-B (Assa Abloy, Stockholm stock exchange)

Short: NKLA

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