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Well, figures just before the vaccine hits distribution my wife and I catch the coronavirus right after Thanksgiving. The wife caught it at work, she works in the medical field. We're on the mend and we went through it okay, wasn't easy but no need to go to the hospital. The biggie is that I was extremely busy Saturday doing things around the house and couldn't get over to my step father's house--well--that night we realized the wife wasn't feeling well and had no taste or smell....uh Sunday night I had symptoms and that was least I didn't take it to my stepfather's house since he's living with heart failure and diabetes.

Hope everyone else faired well!
Pleased to hear the good news Ray. All is well at my house. As I've mentioned my daughter caught the Superflu this summer. She had a scary high fever and felt horrible for about 5 days, then bounced back in a matter of a few days. Quite a few healthcare workers in my family. I spent the past few evenings convincing a few of them to get vaxxed. My sister is a respiratory therapist and has seen the worst of Covid. Somehow she was hesitant only days ago as the anti-vax crowd puts out some scary media. I convinced her to do some good research at work and she did. She is now impatiently waiting for her shot on Friday. I don't want anyone to be forced to vax, but there are certain professions where it just seems crazy not to. I've been subjected to so many sketchy "not optional" vaccines in the military, so this one seems routine with the data we currently have.

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